21 October 2015

Talking Permaculture at Art Outside

It's official, I'm giving two workshops at Art Outside!

The first, slated for Saturday October 24th, is Food for Everyone.
Some for me, some for you!

It's centered around public food: public food forests, public orchards, front-yard food gardens and wicking beds, mapping public food trees and perennials, even the growing popularity of guerrilla gardening.

The second will be on Sunday October 25th: Designing Like Mother Nature
Mother Nature has abundance in mind

If we design like those who toil and labor away their whole lives in fields and gardens each season for very little return, this is how we will live. If we design so that Mother Nature can step in and provide the abundance that is her forte, we will live in abundance.

Both talks will be in the Eco Zone. Food for Everyone is at 5:30pm on Saturday. Designing Like Mother Nature is at 12 noon on Sunday. 

We're really looking forward to reconnecting with the larger permaculture community!

-Samantha Kuykendall

p.s. We should still be offering free samples of the Lucid Light hypnagogic experience during those times since we have someone to help, but either way there's the entire rest of the 4-day Art Outside experience to catch a sample meditation light session!


  1. Thank you I got tuned in and on to your inspirations and offerings in Austin.. yes yes yes. You inspire me to stay rooted in my heart with our shared vision. Please like Gulfport Food Forest on Face Book and help us grow. We are midwifing a mother food forest in a City Park.. Clymer Park, check it out on google earth and you may still see a labyrinth made of spanish moss that was only there for a week yet somehow google earth captured to make my day with an epic sign, nearly a year later when i was printing a park overview for a fund raiser jamboree.. Mostly we are minding our manners forming bridges with city officials and local activists, basically moving slow, with close to 100 fruit trees planted and cared for on city held public land here in Gulfport Florida. We have a cool mayor and support from residents around the park and all over, still we get held up sometimes with the park and rec employees unconsciously and uneducated folk pruning and spraying what they dream as undesirables with round up yet all and all we are stoked to be realizing this direct action of claiming and reclaiming city parks for land and skydwellers boundless passion play with the mother earth. . We are forming guilds of companionship, cultivating edible understory as our canopy of fruit trees expands above and below ground .. the birds, bee and butterfly are our showing up as foresters and allies.♡ We have been carrying buckets of water from rain catchment of a park neighbor and one city spicket located in one of the three books where our food forest abides, since Sept 11th when planted the trees. now we are gathering our resources and creative power to manifest a watering system that continues to establish and spread the goodness of the forest..we were thinking of a solar charged golf cart that carries 2 55 gal barrels to start and then a water tower art installation to be seen from skyrises in neighboring town (st.petersburg) or some drip line. We are definately open to inovative artistic input.. We are also calling in the proper signage that can be linked up digitally through cellular phones to a website for instant education. Further, if someone on your team is compelled to collaborate on a visionary art kiosk made in a sustainable and curious fashion, to feature educational resources including a trail guide for our food forest we are poised to activate with the right match of creative spirit and resources. We welcome your ideas and support to realize this vision of food beauty and inspiration for all everywhere! Shine on! And remember" if you are doing it and it feels right then you must be doing it right!!! "Quote from the Urban Gypsies our local earth spirit music, people lovin band

    1. What a project! That's a lot of love you're pouring into your food forest...a park food forest in Gulfport, Florida! Definitely check out the public food forest here, Festival Beach Food Forest (http://festivalbeach.org/). I imagine if you're into food forests this much, then you're also doing swales on contour and other land shaping schemes to capture and hold water for your burgeoning food forest in addition to hauling rainwater. I love your other catchment ideas and want to do more research. I'll keep in touch! Great to hear from you!