23 May 2013

Free Apiculture Resource on Beehive Construction

I found a great apiculture (bee keeping) resource today, the Ministry of Agriculture of British Columbia and was drawn in by this link to a pdf on beehive construction.  

I have read of depictions of people collecting honey from wild bees as far back as 15,000 years and what appears to be domestication of them depicted in Egyptian art from about 4,500 years ago. 

(Photo from Unknown Source)

When I checked with the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) site for information on this ancient practice/art, I was disappointed to only find: 
  • Basic & Policy Provisions
  • Policy Provisions
  • Insurance Standards Handbook
  • Grid ID Locator, Decision Support Tool
  • An Interactive Spreadsheet to calculate Total Loss Factor
(Photo credit: The Peace Bee Farmer)

However, I managed to locate these resources:  

American Honey Producers Association - The American Honey Producers Association is an organization dedicated to promoting the common interest and general welfare of the American Honey Producer.
American Bee Federation - National association of Beekeepers.
Bee Source- Online sourcebook for beekeeping.
We also enjoy the Peace Bee Farmer's FaceBook page.  

We have listed some other bee resources on our blog and would love to know your favorite resources regarding apiculture in Texas and the South-Central United States. 

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  1. Here's a really interesting article on bee keeping: http://www.acresusa.com/toolbox/reprints/June04_beehive.pdf