06 October 2015

Sustainability & Hypnagogic Lights at Art Outside 2015

Well that was an unexpected hiatus! But despite a few setbacks we're designing again and helping our community with sustainable and beyond sustainable permaculture and food forest projects.

Speaking of going beyond sustainability! We're jumping the final hurdles to give a workshop at Art Outside this year. Cross your fingers, wish us luck, and drop us a line if we'll be seeing you there!

Art Outside night shot, Photo by Kevin Bradbury.

We'll be giving sustainability talks--more info on the schedule as we get it! I'll be focusing on prominent permaculture themes and ideas, primarily that the common idea of "sustainable" won't be enough to get our environment and ourselves out of this mess; we need to proactively heal the environment and socio-economical food systems we're in. And, of course, I'll be giving out helpful information and taking questions. 

We'll also be providing sessions with an amazing technology known by a number of names: Lucid Light, Lucia No. 3, Lucia Light, and the Lucia N3 hypnagogic light. 

In a nutshell, it's a light-based meditation appliance that drops you into the kind of meditative brainwave state that people meditate decades to achieve -- in about minute or two.       ...And the internal light show and opportunity to peek into your own consciousness will be something you'll always remember.  

 Another blog post about our attendance at Art Outside can be found here... More info, video testimonials, scheduling sessions, and information regarding purchasing a Lucia N3 can be found at the Lucid Light LLC website.

Can't wait to see you all there!

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